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Is Fortnite video game increasing video game addiction?

Screenshot from Garrett Ginner on Youtube ADDICTED TO FORTNITE | My Strange Addiction


Video games got market traction in nearly 1990’s. Most games have a certain bell-curved shaped popularity graph, i.e. there is a popularity peak, and then there is a decline in popularity. Some games are adrenaline boosters, such as Angry Birds, and Pokemon Go. However, people do lose interest in them at some point in time.

Fortnite is the latest video game phenomenon, and people are going crazy for it.

It is a survival game, available to play for free. It combines elements of building and collecting games like Minecraft with team-based shooting games. Recently, its developer, Epic Games, announced to launch a mobile version of this game to enter the lucrative mobile games market.

Although the game is immensely popular, the developers are facing criticism from parents that their children are becoming addicted to this game, rather than to concentrate on their studies.

This whole scenario leads to a widespread discussion on social media about whether Fortnite video game resulted in an increase in video game addiction

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Written by Darren Silverman