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Is Donna Brazile hurting the Democrats?

Screenshot from ABC News' YouTube video: One-on-one with former DNC chair Donna Brazile
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Donna Brazile’s forthcoming memoir on the 2016 presidential election continues to send shock waves throughout the Democratic party, with revelations about the Clinton campaign’s control of the DNC, as well as the story that she contemplated trying to remove Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine from the ticket and replacing them with Joe Biden and Cory Booker after Clinton fainted at a 9/11 ceremony. In addition, there have been stories of gross mismanagement at the DNC and stories of the party being broke. The Democratic party has been put on the defense right before election day in some key off year elections like the New Jersey and Virginia governors’ races. With all this coming out, is Donna Brazile, at this point, just hurting the party?

Those who believe she is hurting the party argue that this book does nothing to help fix the problems in the party, but makes them worse. At a point where there is new leadership at the DNC and elections Tuesday, she is making everyone relive the 2016 election. She has brought back the deep divides in the party that everyone has been trying to get past so they can win Tuesday and move on to trying to regain control of the House and Senate in 2018. Finally, if she really wanted to help the party, she should be trying to fix what was wrong, not make a money grab with a tell-all book.

People who feel she is not hurting the party feel she has every right to tell her story. They feel that the Democrats need to try to fix what is wrong inside the party, and you can’t do that by sweeping it under the rug. The only way the party can heal is to have a real discussion about what has been wrong in the party now for quite some time. Finally, the country has a right to know what was going on inside the DNC and Clinton campaign, so they can understand what happened in the 2016 election.

Donna Brazile being interviewed on ABC’s This Week:

The Issue

Is Donna Brazile, with her upcoming book, hurting the Democrats? Is her book bringing back to life problems that the party thought it had moved past? Or, is the only way to fix the party to acknowledge its problems and try to fix them?

Yes, Donna Brazile is hurting the party

Those who feel she is hurting the party say that nothing but problems will happen if they keep living in the past. They feel that the party must focus on the elections Tuesday and the midterms in 2018.

No, Donna Brazile is not hurting the party

People who feel she is not hurting the party say that she has every right to tell her story. They feel that the Democrats will never fix their problems until they actually try to fix them.

Do you think Donna Brazile is hurting the Democrats?

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