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Is Chip Kelly the right man for the UCLA head coaching job?

Screenshot from CBS Los Angeles' YouTube video: UCLA Names Chip Kelly New Bruins Head Coach

UCLA football landed the biggest name on the market recently when they hired Chip Kelly to be the school’s new head football coach. Kelly was the king of the Pac 12 while at the University of Oregon, where he won 33 of 36 games in conference. He went 46-7 overall and led the Ducks to two Rose Bowl appearances, and a National Championship game appearance as well. UCLA football has not seen success like that in a long time as it has been 19 years since their last Rose Bowl appearance. They have not won a national title in 63 years. Kelly, though, comes with his share of baggage. In his final year at Oregon, the NCAA found a $25,000 payment to a recruiting service that had ties to players Oregon was recruiting. They were placed on three years probation and Kelly was given an 18-month show-cause order to be hired by any school. The order meant that any school hiring Kelly would have to give a justification for hiring him that the NCAA would accept. This did not affect Kelly though, because he moved on to the NFL. He struggled in the NFL, going 28-35 combined with the Eagles and 49ers. His hiring by UCLA begs the question: Is Chip Kelly the right man for the job?

CBS Los Angeles covering the hiring of Chip Kelly by UCLA:

The Issue

Is Chip Kelly the right man for the UCLA head coaching job? Is he a perfect fit for a college program? Or, is he overrated as a coach?

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