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Is Alex Azar the right choice for HHS secretary?

Screenshot from Fox Business' YouTube video: Trump taps Alex Azar as next HHS Secretary
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Monday, President Trump named Alex Azar as his nominee to be the Health and Human Services secretary. Azar is the former president of Eli Lilly USA branch. He also served in the Bush administration as a deputy secretary at Health and Human Services. He is a lawyer by training and he graduated from Yale Law School and clerked under former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He has twice been confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Azar is a critic of the Affordable Care Act and favors giving more flexibility to the states when it comes to healthcare. With his nomination, one does wonder: Is Alex Azar the right choice for HHS secretary?

Those who believe he is the right man for the job feel he is immensely qualified. With his experience at HHS and in the private sector, he is uniquely qualified for the job. They feel that he is smart and pragmatic and will have the knowledge to fix the healthcare system in this country. They see a man who can help guide the president while he tries to fix the problems with the Affordable Care Act.

People who do not like the choice of Alex Azar for Health and Human Services secretary believe his pick is the opposite of draining the swamp. They see a man who has spent years driving up prescription drug costs while working for drug companies. They contend he will not fix the costs of healthcare; he will make them worse. They feel that, once again, President Trump has gone out and picked the worst possible candidate to fill his cabinet.

Fox Business covering the nomination of Alex Azar:

The Issue

Is Alex Azar a good pick to run the Health and Human Services department? Is he a smart, pragmatic choice who will be a good guide for the president while they work on healthcare? Or, is he another example of the president, not draining the swamp, but making it worse?

Alex Azar is a good choice to run HHS

Those who believe that Alex Azar is a good choice say that, with his qualifications and experience, he is the perfect choice. They feel he will have the knowledge and abilities to bring down the costs of healthcare in this country.

Alex Azar is a bad choice to run HHS

People who feel he is a bad choice say that his selection is putting a fox in charge of a hen house. They feel he is in the pocket of the drug companies and will do all he can to make them money, not fix healthcare.

Do you think Alex Azar is a good choice to run the U.S. Health and Human Services department?

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