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Is a boycott of sponsors the right way to counter Sean Hannity’s show?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Sean Hannity faces ad boycott
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Sean Hannity has, perhaps, the most popular cable news show in the country. He has an unapologetic conservative message that has made him the bane of many liberals’ existence. The liberal media watchdog group, Media Matters, has made it their goal to bring him and his show down. They have organized a boycott of the advertisers of his show in the hopes of taking him off the air. They believe he is a conspiracy theorist who puts out crazy theories designed to discredit and possibly destroy people on the left. They also see him as a propaganda machine for the Trump administration and believe that he played a hand in the election of Donald Trump. The Media Matters attempt to organize a boycott of Hannity’s show makes one wonder: Is a boycott of sponsors the right way to counter Sean Hannity’s message?

People who support the idea of a boycott feel that it is the best way to get him off the air. They see it as their patriotic duty to remove a destructive force to the country. Many feel Hannity is not putting out real news, but crazy theories that are intended to tap into the anger of his viewers, increasing the divides in this country. They believe if Fox News will not take him off the air for what he says, then his sponsors must be the target to stop his message.

Those who are against the boycott see this as an attack on the free press. They feel that a far left group is trying to remove a different point of view they don’t like. They believe that if you don’t like his show, you shouldn’t watch it, but when you try to force a show off the air because of its views, you are really hurting the First Amendment and the country. They point out that what makes this country great is that you can have a show like Hannity’s and Rachel Maddow’s, on two different networks, with two different views, and the people get to choose who they watch.

CNN Reliable Sources interviewing Angelo Carusone of Media Matters:

The Issue

Is a boycott of sponsors the right way to counter Sean Hannity’s show? Is this the only way people have left to remove what they believe is a destructive message? Or is this an attack on the First Amendment?

Yes, the boycott of Sean Hannity’s sponsors is the right way to go

People who think the boycott is the right approach say they have no other choice. They feel that Sean Hannity has a show that spreads hate and anger and must be taken off the air.

No, the boycott of Sean Hannity’s sponsors is wrong

Those who oppose the boycott say that this is a blatant liberal attack on a show they don’t like. They feel that, instead of just not watching the show, liberals are trying to silence the show by attacking the sponsors. They see this as a hypocritical attack by the left that claims to love the First Amendment, but is not acting like it.

Do you think a boycott of sponsors is the right way to deal with Sean Hannity’s message?

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