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How convincing is Kamala Harris’ leftward shift?

screenshot from Fox News on Youtube Kamala Harris leading Democrats further left  

Recently, Kamala Harris, 2020 US presidential candidate, sounds like a progressive, when she presented the broken view of the US economy. It’s not just the economy that’s broken in her view: Harris hits progressive notes on everything from the criminal justice system to climate change.

According to media reports, since 2016, Harris has adopted a number of left-wing positions first popularized by Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. But, despite the fact that she has embraced these policies as her own, the timing of her leftward shift, combined with her failure to tie it to a consistent ideology, has left some progressives skeptical.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding Kamala Harris’ leftward shift is convincing?

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Written by Darren Silverman

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