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Are Trump’s politics hurting his private business?

Screenshot from CBC News' YouTube video: Trump Organization's fortune, business ranking fall

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Trump Organization agreed to remove the Trump name from its lower Manhattan hotel and give up management of it. This marks the latest in a string of financial hits the Trump brand has taken since the president’s election. The organization saw the Trump name removed from a hotel in Toronto this past July and the name was removed from an apartment building when tenants complained last year. His golf courses in Los Angeles and the Bronx have seen reduced greens fees and the winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, has seen nineteen charities cancel events there. It has not been all bad for the Trump Organization, though. The newly opened Washington hotel has thrived, greatly exceeding expectations. Still, with all the reports of bad news for the Trump Organization, a question must be asked: Are Donald Trump’s politics hurting his private business?

This video from CBC News covers the financial status of President Trump’s business:

The Issue

Are President Trump’s politics hurting his private business? Has the Trump name become so toxic that people are fleeing from it? Or, does the Trump name still represent the upper echelon?

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