Gun control: should we have stricter laws?

Screen shot from Fox News' YouTube video: Las Vegas shooting reignites gun control debate in Congress
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The gun control debate is heating up again as a result of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. This is an issue that we have gone round and round on seemingly forever. Both sides are entrenched in their positions and seem unlikely to give any ground on this issue anytime soon. With mass shootings seemingly on the rise and with the carnage of Las Vegas still on our minds, I ask the question should we have stricter gun control laws?

Gun control advocates have many strong arguments on why there is a need for stricter gun laws. They feel with the many deaths that involve guns we are dishonoring the victims who have died by not making the laws stronger. Plus, they do not see the constitution as something that can never be changed. There have been twenty-seven amendments to the constitution, so they think we could change it again if needed for stricter gun laws. Gun control advocates also point out the founding fathers could not possibly imagine what guns would be like to today, so how could they have addressed them in the constitution.

When it comes to gun control, though, there is one road block that cannot be ignored and that is the second amendment. It gives people the right to bare arms. That is something a vast amount of gun owners will very likely fight to the death to protect. Gun control opponents have other reasons they oppose stricter gun laws. Most noticeably that gun control in their opinion does not work. They will point to Chicago as a prime example. It’s a city where they have tough gun laws and yet it continues to have high gun violence. Gun law opponents see stricter gun laws as nothing but an attempt to force the values of someone else on them.

We live in a country of laws and those laws are always changing for the betterment of our country. Gun control advocates do not see guns as a part of a way of life, but as something that destroys life. They do not view the constitution as sacrosanct, but as something that can be changed for the better. Conversely gun control opponents see guns as something that is protected in the constitution and shall not be changed. They don’t think guns kill people they think people kill people and no amount of stricter laws will change that.

The Issue

In the wake of Las Vegas should we have new stricter gun control laws? Is the constitution a document that should be changed and rewritten with the times, or is it the basis for are whole society and should be respected and left as is?

In support of new gun control laws

Gun control supporters view stricter gun laws as vital to the nation. They see them as honoring those who have died due to gun violence. They feel that there was no way the founders could envision what guns would be like today.

In opposition to new gun control laws

Opponents of gun control believe the second amendment should be upheld and unchanged in all cases. They believe that stricter gun laws do not work and are a waste of time. Finally, they feel that gun control laws don’t just restrict guns but freedom as well.

What do you think? Should we have stricter laws controlling guns?

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