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Facebook gave data to a flagged Chinese firm, should they be Fined?

Screenshot from CBS News on Youtube Facebook faces controversy over data sharing with Chinese companies

Recently, Facebook acknowledged that it has data-sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese electronics companies. Media reports suggest that some of these electronics companies (i.e. Huawei) have been flagged by American intelligence officials as a national security threat. Although Facebook signed the agreement with Huawei in 2010, the Facebook Officials said that the company will wind down the Huawei deal by the end of the week.

Some national security experts believe that Facebook should be fined heavily, and its executives should face jail time for sharing US citizens data with the Chinese companies that have a close relationship with China’s Government. Whereas others believe that Data selling is one of the main income sources of social media sites, thus, wider reforms are needed rather than just punishment

This scenario instigated a debate over social media regarding whether Facebook is fined for sharing data with the flagged Chinese firm?

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Written by Darren Silverman