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Facebook being sued by AG and them giving access to data. Is this lawsuit justified?

screenshot from CBS News on Youtube Facebook faces lawsuit for Cambridge Analytica privacy breach

Recently, the attorney general for Washington, D.C., said the U.S. capital city had sued Facebook Inc for allegedly misleading users about how it safeguarded their personal data, in the latest fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. According to media reports, Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine said Facebook misled users because it had known about the incident for two years before disclosing it. The company had told users it vetted third-party apps, yet made few checks, Racine said.

Some media analysts believe that Facebook primarily business model is monetizing user data. Anyone using Facebook should understand that his/her data will be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, they believe that the lawsuit against Facebook is not logical. Whereas, others believe that Facebook shared its user’s data will its business partners, without the user’s consent, thus committing a felony and should be dealt with accordingly.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether Facebook deserves the lawsuit for violating user privacy?

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Written by Darren Silverman

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