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Ellen asks Kevin Hart to come back to host the Oscars. Do you agree?

Yes, Ellen DeGeneres is right to campaign for Kevin Hart

Those who believe that Ellen DeGeneres is right to campaign for Kevin Hart to be rehired as Oscars 2019 host, argue that Ellen is right for fighting for him to host because he’s not the same person anymore. A debate participant added that “I agree with Ellen… you should host The Oscars!! You have accomplished so much in your career, you are human and as times have changed, so have you! None of us are the same from 10 years + ago. Still watching you and love your work! Not being creepy. lol #StandbyKevinHart”. Another debate participant added that “I really hope Kevin decides to do the Oscars. God did not give him his gifts for nothing they are meant to be shared. Thanks, Ellen, for changing the dialogue of this situation. To really make a stand you two should host it together”.

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