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Dwight Howard believes Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan? Do you agree?

screenshot fro youtube - AL'S HIGHLIGHTS WORLD: Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant Full Highlights 1998.02.01 Bulls at Lakers - Sick!!!
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We all know that Dwight Howard is one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA. Recently, he appeared on a podcast to offer his opinion on the oft-discussed Greatest of All-Time debate. And in somewhat shocking fashion, Howard strongly claimed that Kobe Bryant is the true GOAT.

He stated that “I think he [Kobe] is better than Jordan.” Howard also stated that “Everything Jordan did, Kobe did it better.” Howard view is subjective in nature, as both Bryant and Jordan have achieved acclaimed success in NBA.

Do you subscribe to Howard’s subjective notion that Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan?


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Written by Darren Silverman