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Does Roger Stone’s arrest mean Trump is next?

screenshot from Channel 4 News on Youtube Former Trump aide Roger Stone arrested by FBI as part of Russia probe

Recently, Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation at his home in Florida. He was indicted for obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering. White House says the arrest of Trump’s adviser ‘has nothing to do with the president’ but analysts warn it may thrust him into legal jeopardy.

Some media analysts believe that Roger Stone’s arrest is bad news for Trump. They believe, that if President would have been a decent or smart man, he would make a deal and resign from his presidency after Stones arrest, but Trump is just Trump, he will not resign. Whereas, others believe that Roger Stone’s arrest has nothing to do with the President.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether Roger Stone’s arrest means Trump is next?

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Written by Darren Silverman