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Does Colin Kaepernick deserve the GQ Citizen of the Year award?

Screenshot from GQ's YouTube video: Colin Kaepernick Visits Harlem for his GQ Men of the Year Moment
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One of the most divisive issues in the country right now is that of the NFL anthem protests. The protests have caused the NFL all kinds of headaches, including a fan boycott of the sport until the protests end. The man who started the protests at the beginning of last season, Colin Kaepernick, has remained a free agent throughout this season and is currently suing the league. Kaepernick is back in the news, though, as he was named GQ magazine’s Citizen of the Year. Kaepernick is one of those individuals where there is no middle ground. People who support his cause love him, while those who oppose his cause hate him. The question is, though, out of everyone in the world, does Kaepernick deserve the award of Citizen of the Year?

Those who agree with the choice feel he represents what is best in this country. They contend he has sacrificed millions of dollars and his career to raise awareness about racial injustice. They feel it would have been so easy to give in and end the protest after a week or two, but he stood his ground and gave up his dreams of being in the NFL and, now, he has created a movement that is still going strong and has caused a national conversation that continues to this day.

People who disagree with the choice feel that this was a ridiculous pick. They feel that a man who didn’t vote and who has thrown his career away is a poor choice. Many feel this is a cheap stunt by GQ to try and drum up magazine sales. There are those that support the protests, who feel this was a very poor choice. They feel that soldiers who put their lives on the line every day, or police or firemen who also risk their lives for other people, would make much better choices than an out-of-work football player.

GQ showing Kaepernick’s visit to Harlem:

The Issue

Does Colin Kaepernick deserve the award of Citizen of the Year? Does Kaepernick represent what is best about America? Or, is this a cheap stunt by GQ to sell magazines?

Kaepernick deserves the award

Those who feel he deserves the award say that he has sacrificed so much to raise awareness about racial injustice he deserves the award. They contend that he has sacrificed millions and started a conversation that is still going.

Kaepernick doesn’t deserve the award

People who feel he doesn’t deserve the award say that he is a horrible choice for it. Even some of his supporters feel someone else should have been picked, like a policeman or a teacher, not an out-of-work football player.


Does Colin Kaepernick deserve GQ’s Citizen of the Year award?

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