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Do we need the voting fraud commission?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Trump: Voter fraud, suppression must be stopped
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One of the foundations of our country is the electoral process. We have the good fortune to be in a country where we can walk into a voting booth and choose our leaders. The integrity of this process may be the single most important thing in our country. Throughout the 2016 presidential election, then-candidate Trump made many claims about voter fraud. He would go on to win the election via the electoral college, but lose the popular vote. President Trump would continue his claims of voter fraud to explain his loss in the popular vote. He took the step of forming the Election Integrity Commission by executive order to look into this. The question is: Do we actually need the commission?

The people who feel we need the commission feel that there is a lot of voter fraud in every election and something must be done about it. They believe that the mainstream media is failing to report it, and so they applaud the president for trying to solve the problem. People feel that if there is even one fraudulent vote, that is one too many, so a commission that is tasked with stopping that is a needed and good thing. Finally, the president has sworn an oath to protect this country, and if he believes the commission is necessary, they will take his word for it.

People who feel we don’t need a commission believe the president is just doing this to find a way to explain his loss in the popular vote. They believe that it is really an attempt to find ways to suppress voter turnout, not stop voter fraud. Also, they see it as a gigantic waste of taxpayer money and a waste of time because there was no widespread voter fraud like the president claimed. Finally, they wonder, if there was such widespread voter fraud in favor of the president’s opponent, like he claims, then why did he win?

Elections are the foundation of our republic. If we cannot trust their integrity, then we no longer live in a republic, but a dictatorship instead. That is why we take so many steps to protect their integrity. Will the commission help that process be more secure? We shall have to wait and see.

In this clip, Fox News shows President Trump’s remarks at the first commission meeting:

The Issue

Do we need the Election Integrity Commission? Is it an important tool to insure our elections are legitimate, or is this a huge waste of time and money to fix a nonexistent problem?

Yes, we need the voting fraud commission

Those who feel we need the commission say that we must protect our elections and the commission is doing that. They argue that if there is even one illegal vote, that is too many.

No, we do not need the voting fraud commission

People who feel we do not need it say this is the president making excuses about why he lost the popular vote. They feel we are wasting time and money for nothing.

Do you think we need the voting fraud commission?

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