Do we need major gun control reform?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: (Update) Multiple fatalities in Texas church shooting (CNN breaking news)

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Sunday, for many, is a day of worship at one’s local church. The people who attended First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, were no different. Tragically, their day of worship was ended when an armed gunman entered the church and began firing. At least 20 people have been confirmed dead but there have been reports of more deaths. The gunman left the church and tried to flee by car. He made it to the county of Guadalupe, but was stopped there. It is unclear if he took his own life or if the police are responsible, but the gunman is dead. Today’s events, so soon after the events in Las Vegas, bring the issue of gun control back to the table. With that being the case, do we need major gun control reform in this country?

Those who want real changes when it comes to gun control feel that just sending the victims and their families prayers is nowhere near enough. They feel that this madness has to be stopped somehow and the only option left is overhauling our laws when it comes to guns. They feel that politicians in this country would rather take the money from groups like the NRA, than protect the people who live in this country. Finally, it is a horrible feeling to be afraid of a mass shooting happening anywhere you go, and we have to fix that.

People who are opposed to major gun control reform feel that this issue was settled when the founders wrote the Bill of Rights, by allowing the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment. They feel that there is no law ever written that could have stopped what happened in Texas, because that kind of evil doesn’t respect laws. Also, they feel the people shouting for gun control are being hypocritical because, after what happened in New York, they weren’t yelling for truck control.

No amount or combination of words will heal the heartbreak of the victims, their families, and their friends in Sutherland Springs, Texas. As a society, we must find a way to counteract these attacks. Could changing our nation’s gun laws help?

Here, CNN covers the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas:

The Issue

After the events in Sutherland Springs, Texas, is it time for major gun control reform? Will stronger gun laws stop mass shootings, or is the Second Amendment all the law we need when it comes to guns?

Yes, we need major gun control reform

Those who feel we need major gun control reform say that enough is enough. This insanity must stop and the only way it will be stopped is with real gun control reform.

No, we don’t need major gun control reform

People who are against major gun control reform argue that no amount of laws on guns would have stopped what happened in Texas. That kind of evil would have found some way to commit that crime.

Do you think we need to completely overhaul our gun laws?

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2 Comments on “Do we need major gun control reform?”

  1. We need to overhaul gun laws but not in the way you think. We need to remove most of the gun laws from the books because they have been there for many years and proven time and again to be entirely ineffective. They do not ban, prohibit or alter actions. They instead target objects that without a user, have no ability to harm anyone. Laws against the actions of assault and or murder make perfect sense but laws against an object because it looks scary, it is the wrong color or whatever other BS is counter productive and only serves to do harm to those who want nothing but to protect themselves and their families.

  2. So what you are telling me is, some words on a piece of paper will stop a person who can look a terrified child in the eye, point a gun at them and pull the trigger. “Don’t worry everyone, someone signed a piece of paper making evil illegal. You can signal the all clear. We are officially safe!”
    The left seems to be completely ignoring the fact that had this guys criminal history and domestic violence history been reported, he would never have been able to legally purchase his firearms. Instead they push for “universal background checks” and firearm bans.
    The stupid….it hurts sooo much.

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