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Do we need gun control reform in the wake of the Kentucky school shooting?

Screenshot from ABC News' YouTube video: 15-year-old arrested in deadly school shooting in Kentucky

The town of Benton, Kentucky, went through the horrors Tuesday of a mass school shooting. Just before 8 a.m., a young man walked into the common area of Marshall County High School and started shooting. Two students died and 18 were wounded in the attack. The police were on the scene minutes after the first shots were fired and were able to capture the believed gunman. They have not released his name and have not given out a possible motive for the attack.

According to NBC News, Shea Thompson, whose siblings were in the school at the time of the shooting, said, “They were busting down the gates and fences just to get out.”  Greg Rodgers, a 17-year-old student who had just reached the school, said, “I pulled off to the side of the road because everyone was running to the main road….I asked my friend what was going on, and he told me that there was a school shooting. I was shocked. He said that someone had just shot up the school.” Gabby Giffords, former congresswoman of Arizona, who was also a victim of gun violence and is now an activist, said, “Our nation’s schools should be some of the safest spaces in our communities.” She also pointed out there have been 13 mass shootings in 2018 “…and it’s only January.” This latest school shooting raises the question: Is now the time for gun control reform?

ABC News reports on deadly school shooting in Kentucky

The Issue

Is now the time for gun control reform? If our schools are no longer safe from gun violence, do we have to reform the gun laws? Or, are gun control advocates ignoring the real cause of these shootings?

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Written by Darren Silverman