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Do we need a nuclear buildup?

Screen shot from MSNBC's YouTube video: What Advisors Explained To President Donald Trump About Nuclear Weapons | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Yesterday, President Trump accused NBC News of releasing a false report of a briefing he had regarding the United States nuclear arsenal. The report indicated that the president called for a tenfold increase to the United States nuclear arsenal. Right now, our arsenal is somewhere around 4,000 missiles. A tenfold increase would bring our arsenal to the level it was at during the height of the Cold War in the ’60s. Given our efforts to stop North Korea and Iran from gaining a nuclear arsenal of their own, should we build up ours?

Those who support having a stronger nuclear arsenal point out that the world is an extremely dangerous place, and strength is not just necessary but mandatory. If we are perceived as being weak, nations around the world will try to take advantage of us. Conversely, if we are seen as unbeatable, then the nations of the world will be very hesitant to cross us. They point to the MAD doctrine of the Cold War and how it worked to keep us from nuclear war with the Soviet Union for decades. People also say that the failures of past administrations in allowing other nations to gain nuclear weapons have caused this situation.

People who don’t support a nuclear buildup point out how unfeasible it is. The unbelievable cost to the United States would decimate our economy much like it did in the Soviet Union when they tried to outspend Reagan in the ’80s and ended up causing the collapse of their country. Plus, there is no strategic sense to the buildup. Weapons are much more advanced, and the arsenal we have now is more powerful by far than the levels in the ’60s. Finally, if we did have a nuclear buildup, we would be in violation of countless treaties that we have signed in good faith with other countries over the decades.

These are dangerous times in which we live. North Korea is trying to build a nuclear bomb capable of reaching the United States. A crucial treaty with Iran that limits their nuclear program is on the verge of falling apart. There are terrorists who would love to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. For the sake of all, our leaders need to make the right decision.

This clip from the MSNBC show, Morning Joe, discusses President Trump’s supposed desire to increase our nuclear arsenal by tenfold:

The Issue

Do we need to build up our nuclear arsenal? Will building up our nuclear arsenal also build up our strength in deterring anyone from attacking us? Perhaps, but will building it up endanger our country with unrealistic demands of our military?

In support of a nuclear buildup

Those who support a nuclear buildup want to see this country strong. They feel the only way to deter our enemies is with an unstoppable military.

In opposition to a nuclear buildup

People who disagree with building up our nuclear arsenal point out how unrealistic it is. They claim that the economy would explode and so would our relationship with the rest of the world.

Regardless of who has the idea to build up our nuclear weapons, these tweets include good rebuttals.

How do you feel about the size of our nuclear arsenal?

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