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Do we need a border wall?

Screen shot from CNNMoney's YouTube video: Watch Trump's border wall prototypes being built
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On Wednesday, the House Homeland Security Committee passed the Border Security for America Act by party line vote. In that bill, there is a $10 billion allocation to build President Trump’s long sought after border wall. There is an additional $5 billion to go towards ports of entry and it provides for an additional 5 thousand agents for Border Patrol as well as Customs and Border Protection. While the bill will likely pass the house, it is highly doubtful it will reach the 60 votes needed to end the filibuster it will face there. However, with this bill successfully passing the committee vote comes the question: Should we build the wall?

Those who support the wall will tell you it is desperately needed for the security of the country, that terrorists enter the country through Mexico, and that drug dealers are smuggling drugs up to the United States over the border daily. They believe it is also necessary to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country and, with the cost of caring for the immigrants being so huge, we canโ€™t afford to not build the wall. Plus, they contend that until Mexico does something to fix their own internal problems, their population will continue to flood our country, and the wall is the only way to discourage them.

People who are against the wall see it as nothing but a giant waste of money. They point out that most terrorists do not come over from Mexico, but from Canada, which makes them feel the wall is more about skin color than about security for the country. Also, those against the wall point out that a wall will do nothing to stop homegrown terrorists like the Las Vegas shooter. Plus, they feel the United States is about bringing people together, and the wall is about dividing them.

Security is always an important issue and should never be ignored. We as a people want to feel safe, not just in our homes, but also on the streets when we are out and about. But, will building a border wall make us safer or is it a waste of time and money?

This CNNMoney video shows border wall prototypes being built near San Diego:

The Issue

In reference to President Trumps efforts to build a wall along the Mexican-American border, many people are debating if there is a justifiable need or if it’s just a giant waste of money. The key question is whether or not we need a border wall.

In support of constructing a border wall

Those who support the building the wall feel it is needed to protect this country. They see it as a way to stop drug smuggling, illegal immigration, and terrorists.

In opposition to constructing a border wall

Those who oppose the wall feel it is a waste of money. They see it as an attack on Hispanics and that it will do nothing to keep us safer.

So, do we need a border wall? We look forward to your views.

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