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Do the women’s marches accomplish anything?

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No, the women’s marches accomplish nothing

People who believe the marches accomplish nothing say that all the protestors do is march around with no clear goal. Many feel these women don’t even know what they are marching for. Some people believe that these women only yell about impeaching the president and, in their opinion, all that does is turn them into a bunch of extremists that most people won’t take seriously. Others point out that the marchers are liberal women whose political positions don’t represent all women. There are some people who feel these marches are the wrong way to go. In their eyes, the only way to really change things is to organize and work on campaigns to elect people who will fix the problems. Finally, there are some who feel, no matter how much you march, President Trump will still be in office just like last year.

Do you think the women’s marches accomplish anything?
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