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Do the women’s marches accomplish anything?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Women are marching on Trump's one-year anniversary in office

Saturday was the second annual Women’s March. Women and men around the world turned out in force to protest President Trump and other issues affecting women. The president of the National Organization for Women, Toni Van Pelt, addressed marchers in Washington. According to Politico, she told them, “Today we’re sending Trump another message, look out your window. See us, hear us, feel our power. You can’t stop us with your tweets, you can’t stop us with your bullying and you can’t stop us with your hate speech.” President Trump tweeted a reply to today’s marchers:

In New York City, Elizabeth Pleva told ABC News, “Last year, there was a feeling of fear and objection to the election,” she added. “This year, there are so many more reasons we are here. DACA, the ACA, the environment and [President Trump’s] inability to govern.”

In Rome, the protesters focused more on the #MeToo movement. One of the marchers was Asia Argento, the Italian actress and director who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault back in October 2017. The biggest event will be in Las Vegas, Sunday, where they will commence a national effort at voter registration they are calling “Power to the Polls.” With these marches going on, a question comes to mind. Are these marches actually accomplishing anything?

CNN: Women are marching on Trump’s one-year anniversary in office

The Issue

Do the women’s marches accomplish anything? Are they changing, not just America, but the world for the better? Or, do they have no clear goal, so nothing actually gets done?

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