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Do the newly released emails of Huma Abedin prove that Hillary Clinton was guilty of a crime?

Screenshot from Newsy's YouTube video: State Department publishes Huma Abedin emails

The State Department released some of the emails of Huma Abedin, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide. The emails were found on her estranged husband, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s, laptop. The emails were found on his laptop due to an FBI investigation of Weiner for sending inappropriate text messages to a 15 -year-old girl. Weiner has now pleaded guilty to sending obscene material.

The discovery of these emails during the closing days of the 2016 presidential election prompted then FBI director James Comey to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her emails. It was later found that the FBI already had most of the emails. The emails have many redactions and it appears one does contain classified material. The release was prompted by a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, a group that specializes in Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits. With the release of these emails, a question comes to mind. Do these emails prove that Hillary Clinton was guilty of a crime regarding her emails?

Newsy covering Huma Abedin emails being released by the State Department:

The Issue

Do the newly released emails prove Hillary Clinton was guilty of a crime? Was it a crime for those emails to have classified material in them and be on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? Or, is this old news the Trump administration is using to distract people from its own scandals?

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