Did Trump handle Hurricane Maria’s aftermath in Puerto Rico well?

Screen shot from CNN's YouTube video: Mayor: ... this is not a good news story
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The devastation of the past three weeks by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria can’t be denied. From Houston to Miami to the Caribbean and Puerto Rico the damage has been horrific. People have lost their homes, their loved ones, and their belongings. In the wake of the damage we have seen all across the country, people have reached out to those affected, including the government.

To his credit President Trump struck a bipartisan deal with democrats to expedite funding to help with the recovery after Hurricane Harvey, and many feel that the he did a good job responding to Irma as well. However, his response to Hurricane Maria has been viewed as sub-par. With the damage of the first two hurricanes FEMA’s resources were clearly stretched, and by the time Maria arrived, I would not be surprised if it had reached its limits.

In addition, the sheer devastation that was inflicted upon Puerto Rico was beyond comprehension. The majority of the 3.4 million people on the island are without shelter, power and other basic necessities. Hospitals are in danger of closing. People are running out of water. This has to be a nightmare for everyone who lives there.

The issue

With all that going on, the following question has risen: Why is the President taking his time to attack the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz? She did criticize the acting homeland security director’s comments about how their response was a good news story, but it has been suggested that it wasn’t as much a criticism of the government’s response as it was a cry for help.

Trump’s response

Consider these questions:
1. Has the response in Puerto Rico been that bad given how stretched FEMA has to be after two other major hurricanes and the logistics of trying to help an island that has been completely devastated with no power and a scattered population?
2. Was the President right to attack her during this crisis?

In opposition to Trump’s actions

Many people have said that when it comes to Puerto Rico the government’s response has been noticeably slower than it was to Houston or Florida. Also, they note his tweets attacking the mayor are quite unnecessary. Some have gone so far as to put forward that the president’s tweets and lack of response are because he is a racist.

Lady Gaga expressed her opinion that the disparity in Trump’s relief efforts are based on the number of potential electoral votes from each area.

A common point of dissent is his recent golfing trip.

In response to Trump’s comments about it being difficult to get aid to Puerto Rico due to its location in the ocean.

In support of Trump’s actions

There are other people feel that the government is doing a good job when it comes to Puerto Rico. Given it’s location, lack of power, and destroyed infrastructure, things can only go so fast. Plus after a third major hurricane in a matter of weeks, FEMA is stretched to it’s breaking point and can only do so much with what they have to work with.

Previous mayor of San Juan seems to approve of Trump’s relief efforts.

Jack Posobiec, a well known supporter of Trump, tweeted a timeline showing FEMA’s work related to Hurricane Maria relief efforts, which you can also find on their website

Others express their criticism of San Juan’s current Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Let us know where you stand.

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