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Did Russia influence the 2016 US election?

Screen shot from the Washington Post's YouTube video: Facebook to turn over Russian ad sales from the 2016 election
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The 2016 US election for president was very controversial. The two major candidates, going by polls, were the two most disliked major party candidates in the history of polling. There were countless negative attacks by both candidates that just disillusioned voters more. The ads for the election never seemed to stop and no matter what you did or where you went you could not get away from them. Behind some of those ads was Russia. It has been claimed that our own intelligence community knew Russia was actively trying to influence the election, and if they did try to influence the election, it makes one wonder if that is the reason President Trump won.

Those who feel that Russia was the reason President Trump was elected argue that it had to be due to some kind of outside influence. They point to all the reports of how many different ways Russia was trying to influence the election and argue that it had to have had a big impact. Also, they argue that Secretary Clinton had the lead in the polls going into election day, so for her to lose, some outside influence must have caused the upset victory for President Trump.

People who don’t think Russia influence the election of President Trump argue that Secretary Clinton was a horrible candidate. They found her to be dishonest, phony, and possibly even a criminal. Also, they argue that Russian influence is a fantasy concocted by the Democrats for losing an election that they felt they could not lose.

The 2016 presidential election was one for the history books. It is undeniable that the election changed the direction of the country. Did the Russians try to influence the election? Was it to elect President Trump? Many think so, but only the Russian government knows for sure.

Here is a video posted by the Washington Post about Facebook turning over Russian ad sale records for the 2016 election:

The Issue

Did Russian influence get President Trump elected? Why would the Russian government put so much effort into influencing the election unless their goal was to elect President Trump? Conversely, is Russian influence simply a fantasy of Democrats to explain why they lost?

Yes, Russia influence elected President Trump

Those who believe that Russian influence elected President Trump say that some outside influence had to have had a hand in the election of a man like President Trump.

No Russian influence didn’t cause President Trump’s election

People who don’t believe Russian influence elected President Trump say that Secretary Clinton is the reason he won. A person as untrusted and disliked as her would never be elected.


So, do you think Russia influenced Trump’s election?

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