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Did Opioid drugs really drag millions of Americans out of the workforce?

Screenshot from WMUR-TV on Youtube Business owners: Opioid crisis is affecting NH job market

Recently, a report about Opioid drugs effects on workforce went viral on social media. The report highlighted the devastating effects of Opioid drug addiction. For instance, one of the findings was that this drug dependence has resulted in 1 million prime-aged Americans being out of the workforce. The combined loss of productivity due to this drug epidemic adds up to $91 billion.

Some analysts blamed the easy availability of prescription-based opioid drugs, Mexican Heroin, and Chinese fentanyl as the main reason behind this alarming level of drug dependence. While others blame the decline in blue-collar wages, lack of quality jobs as the main cause for drug dependence.

The scenario instigated a viral debate over social media regarding whether the opioid drugs really dragged a million Americans out of the workforce?

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Written by Darren Silverman