Did ABC News handle the Brian Ross situation correctly?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Stelter: ABC News' correction sparks credibility crisis

Saturday, ABC News announced that they were suspending their chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross for four weeks without pay. Ross reported on air that Micheal Flynn would testify that, during the campaign, Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with Russia. In actuality, Flynn will say that he was ordered, after the election, to make contact with Russia about improving the relationship between the United States and Russia. Friday night, ABC News clarified the story during a live broadcast. This is not the first time Ross has made a mistake in his reporting. In 2012, he reported that a Tea Party organization was connected to the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. He also reported that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were connected to a 2001 anthrax attack. With Ross’ record and this mistake Friday, did ABC News handle the situation correctly?

CNN discussing ABC’s correction and discipline of Brian Ross:

The Issue

Did ABC News handle things correctly in the Brian Ross situation? Is this how a responsible media outlet is supposed to behave when a mistake is made? Or, is Brian Ross being made the scapegoat for the network’s mistake?

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