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CNN’s Don Lemon called President Trump a racist: Is President Trump really a racist?

Screenshot from REAL DISCUSSIONS on Youtube Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’ CNN Don Lemon

Recently, CNN’s Don Lemon said that it is his obligation as a journalist to call President Trump a racist. Adding further to his comment on President Trump, Mr. Lemon said that If he is not a racist then he is certainly a racist-adjacent”. Furthermore, he added that “I don’t regret saying it and I believe that to be true”.

Some news analysts believe that a Journalist’s duty is to report the truth, whereas Lemon gives his opinion regarding Donald Trump. This opinion should not be recognized as the truth as it lacks objectivity. Whereas, others believe that some of Donald Trump’s action do justify Don Lemon’s comments. They added that Trump being a racist is a fact that everybody knows, and Lemon said nothing new.

This scenario instigated a debate over social media regarding whether President Trump is really a racist?

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