Is capitalism failing?

Screenshot from The Guardian's YouTube video: Capitalism is failing, and it's time to panic – Paul Mason
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One of the most interesting questions of our time is whether or not capitalism is failing. There is evidence that it may be doing that in the economic uncertainty of the past decade. With the slow recoveries from the Great Recession, people are looking for answers and hoping to get back what they’ve lost. That being said, the most predominant economic system around the world is capitalism, most notably in the United States, where capitalism is one of the foundations of the country. Like most countries, though, the economy is showing signs of recovery but at a very slow rate, which does cause one to ask the question: Is capitalism failing?

Those who believe capitalism is failing argue that, by its nature, individuals are supposed to prosper under the system, but, for a long time now, most people are struggling to survive. The wealthiest among us have now rigged the system for themselves and are crushing the people who are doing the work for them. With the economic collapse in 2008, capitalism took a fatal hit and everything that has happened since is just prolonging the inevitable. Finally, many believe capitalism has not only failed but has been a corrupting influence on society, which has done great damage to it.

People who believe capitalism is not failing feel that capitalism is in the very nature of human beings, so it will never fail. That drive, that need to acquire things for our own betterment, is at the heart of capitalism. Plus, capitalism allows people to pull themselves out of poverty through drive and innovation. Also, capitalism is at the core of freedom because it gives one control of their financial future. Finally, they argue the reason capitalism has struggled in recent years is not because of the system itself, but because regulation by the governments of the world is the problem, and if they would just back off, capitalism would thrive.

Capitalism has been around for centuries. It is the economic system of many countries around the world and will be for some time to come. We have had hard economic times now for nearly a decade, but does that mean capitalism is failing? It is worth noting capitalism has gone through many other hard times and it has survived. Will it this time? Only time will tell.

Here is a video from The Guardian on capitalism failing:

The Issue

Is capitalism failing? Has capitalism run its course and, is now dying, or is capitalism alive and well, and will continue to be for a long time to come?

Yes, capitalism is failing

People who feel capitalism is failing say that the system took a fatal blow in 2008 and will not recover. They feel that the elites have rigged the system and are crushing the people for their own gains.

No, capitalism is not failing

People who believe capitalism is not failing say that over-regulation is the problem, not capitalism. They feel that capitalism is at the core of human nature and, as long as there are humans, capitalism will continue to thrive.

What do you think about the status of capitalism? Is it failing? We look forward to your views.

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