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Can a sitting president be forced to testify?

Screenshot from MSNBC on Youtube Can Robert Mueller Subpeona President Trump? - Prosecutor: 'A Clear Yes' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Recently, Special counsel Robert Mueller threatened to Subpoena President Donald Trump to compel him to testify in the ongoing Russian Collusion investigation. Although there are no Supreme Court rulings regarding this subject, still there is legal precedence that a sitting president can be forced to testify.

The first documented case of Presidential subpoena occurred in the era of President Thomas Jefferson. Although he declined to comply, he did produce some documents. The second documented case is of President Richard Nixon. He resigned, and the issue went away. The third case is of President Bill Clinton. The presidential subpoena against him was withdrawn as he agreed to test voluntarily.

In the current case of President Donald Trump, his legal team urged him not to sit down with Mueller to testify in the ongoing Russian Investigation. However, Mueller is committed to having the testimony of President Trump, even if it requires to issue a Presidential Subpoena.

This scenario instigated a debate over social media regarding whether a sitting president be forced to testify?

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