Are white people being discriminated against?

Screenshot from The View's YouTube video: White People Feel Discriminated Against? | The View

One of the most contentious issues in America is the matter of discrimination. It is prevalent in all its many forms, whether racial, ethnic, economic, religious, gender or sexual orientation based. Sadly, this has been the case from this country’s beginning. Recently, a poll has come out that 55 percent of white people feel that there is, generally speaking, racism against them. Now, this is surprising considering that the general consensus is that white people have it the best in this country. However, as surprising as it may be, if 55 percent of white people feel that way, then maybe we should we ask the question: Are white people being discriminated against?

Those who feel white people are discriminated against argue that the programs put in place to level the playing field for minorities, such as Affirmative Action, are, by their very nature, discriminatory to white people. Plus, the centuries of racism committed by white people have resulted in such anger in minorities that their natural inclination is to favor other minorities over white people, which is discrimination. Plus, they argue that whenever there is an argument on race difficulties, their views are immediately discarded because minorities feel that white people can’t possibly understand the issue since they are not a minority.

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