Are we responsible for climate change?

Screen shot from CNN's YouTube video: Neil deGrasse Tyson scolds cherry picking climate science
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As the weary Gulf Coast readied for Hurricane Nate this weekend, with memories of Katrina still in their heads; while people from Puerto Rico to Houston are still trying to piece together their shattered lives; with the news that the United States economy lost 33,000 jobs last month due to the hurricanes; a question looms in the minds of many: Is the change in climate man-made and, by extension, are the hurricanes a result of man-made climate change?

People who feel climate change is man-made will point to the raised levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, citing that the levels having risen by one third since the industrial revolution, and that the burning of fossil fuels by man and the cutting down of many forests, also by man, are the causes for these raised levels. They put forward that the raised carbon dioxide levels are the reason the world is getting hotter, which is causing the waters of our world to warm, and the warmer waters are feeding the natural occurring hurricanes, causing them to grow much bigger than they should be. Therefore, we have super-storms like Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Those who feel that climate change is not the result of man, but nature, point out that many of the things that are happening in our world today have always happened. There have always been hurricanes and blizzards. Also, there have been many unusually hot summers over the centuries. They will point out the many extremes in weather the world has experienced such as the many ice ages that have occurred over the life of our world.

With the many extremes in weather we have gone through over the past couple of decades, from master hurricanes – to giant blizzards – to record hot years, no one can deny the world’s climate is changing. The question is: Is the human race responsible for these changes in climate or are they due to the natural evolution of the world?

CNN interviewed Neil deGrasse Tyson on climate change science:

The issue

Is climate change man-made? Has the burning of fossil fuels caused the world temperatures to rise or are we witnessing the natural evolution of our world?

Support the idea that climate change is man-made

People who believe in man-made climate change point to the rising temperatures of our world, along with the rise in carbon dioxide levels and our ever-growing use of fossil fuels as proof that humans are responsible for climate change.

Against the idea that climate change is man-made

Those who don’t believe in man-made climate change will point to the world’s history of extreme weather changes, such as the ice ages that happened long before man came along.

Do you think we play a role in climate change?

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