Are we at the lowest point in our nation’s history?

Screenshot from World 5 List's YouTube video: The Worst Moments In US History
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The mood of the United States is always changing. There are times when the mood is very positive and there are times when it is very negative. Recently, the American Psychological Association conducted a poll where 59 percent of respondents said America was at its lowest point in the history of the country. Plus, 63 percent said they were stressed about the future of our country. Now, there is a lot of negativity going on in the country, from the deepening political divide we are seeing, to the always contentious races relations, to the Las Vegas mass shooting, to the events in Charlottesville, to the terrorist attack in New York on Halloween. The question is, though, are we really at the lowest point in American history?

Those who feel that America is at its lowest point feel that the number one cause of our decline is the election of Donald Trump. They feel his divisive attacks on anything and everything he doesn’t like have badly damaged our country. They point to the rise in white supremacist marches and protests as another thing that is driving the decline. They feel that the president’s horrible foreign policy has brought us to the verge of nuclear war with North Korea. Finally, they see the cult of personality the president has brought about with his supporters, and see him in the beginning stages of forming a dictatorship.

People who do not believe the country is at its lowest point argue that history proves their point. They look at the Civil War, or when we had slavery, or during the World Wars, as much worse times than now. They feel that, right now, the people who think we are at our lowest point are overeacting to the election of a person they don’t like in President Trump. Finally, there are those out there that feel the country has turned around and is back on the rise.

The view of how the country is doing is always dependent on one’s point of view. If you have a job you like and your life is going well, then so is the country. On the other hand, if you are struggling in your life, then so is the country. Are we really at our lowest point as a nation?

This video  from World 5 List depicts some of the worst moments in our country’s history:

The Issue

Is our country at its lowest point in its history? Have the violence and rise of nationalism dragged our country down to the bottom? Or, were the Civil War and other times of strife worse than this?

Yes, this is the lowest point in American history

Those who feel the country is at its lowest point say that the election of Donald Trump, and all that has followed, has driven this country to its lowest depths. They feel that the hate and division are worse than they have ever been.

No, this is not the lowest point in American history

Those who feel we are not at our lowest point say that slavery and the Civil War were much worse than this. They feel that people who say we are at our worst point are overeacting to things.

What do you think? Is our country at its lowest point in history?

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