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Are the former Bush presidents right about President Trump?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: George H.W. Bush calls Trump a 'blowhard'
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Both former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush held nothing back, when it comes to President Trump, in a new book called The Last Republicans. The senior Bush called President Trump a “blowhard” and felt he came to the presidency with no understanding of the job. He also feels President Trump is driven by, as he puts it, “certain ego.” The younger President Bush said, “This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president.” It is very unusual for former presidents to criticize a sitting president, much less from one’s own party. They do have reasons to dislike President Trump, for it was President Trump that thoroughly defeated the presumed front-runner in former Governor Jeb Bush in the Republican primaries. Also, President Trump was highly critical of the performance of the younger Bush while in office. That being said, are the former Bush presidents right in their criticism of President Trump?

Those who believe that the former presidents are right feel that President Trump’s job performance proves that they know what they’re talking about. He has no legislative accomplishments, to speak of, in his term. The country is becoming more and more divided and, instead of trying to heal the country, he seems to be trying to make it worse. They feel he has been a disaster on the foreign policy front, putting us on the brink of war with North Korea. Finally, they feel he is more interested in tweeting and watching Fox News than running the country.

People who feel that the former presidents are wrong believe that this is nothing but sour grapes over Jeb Bush’s defeat. They feel that President Trump has seen the economy boom during his time in office, so he is clearly doing something right. Also, many feel that if you put President Trump’s record up against both of the former presidents’, he has done more for America during his time in office than both of the Bush presidents combined. Finally, people feel he understands the job better than either of the former presidents because he puts America first.

President Trump, President George W. Bush, and President George H.W. Bush are in the most exclusive club in the world. The three men have held the oval office and have dealt with all that comes with it. They have had to deal with things that the average American will probably never know or understand. Are the Bush presidents right about President Trump? We will have to wait to see how his term in office goes.

CNN interviewing author Mark Updegrove about his book on both Bush presidents:

The Issue

Are the former Bush presidents right in their criticism of President Trump? Is President Trump in over his head with no clue how to handle the presidency? Or is this two bitter family members of a defeated rival attacking the president?

The former presidents are right about President Trump

The people who feel the former presidents are right say that President Trump’s awful performance in office proves the presidents’ view of him is correct. He has been a disaster on foreign policy and has no accomplishments to his name.

The former presidents are wrong about President Trump

Those who feel the former presidents are wrong say that the economy is booming and things are going well in the country. Clearly, he understands the job and how to do it well.

Do you think the former Bush presidents are right about President Trump?

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