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Are agreements on Olympics matters a sign that peace can be reached between North and South Korea?

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This year’s Winter Olympics is shaping up to be a historic event for the Korean peninsula. It has been announced that North and South Korea will march together at the opening ceremonies, under a unification flag. South Korean and North Korean athletes have marched together at several Olympics, including the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics in Sydney and Athens, as well as in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. The two countries will also come together to form a women’s hockey team and North Korea will be sending a cheering squad of 230 people to support the athletes that make the trip. North Korea will also send a team to the Paralympic Games that follow the Winter Olympics.

Not everyone is happy with the teams marching together as some in South Korea feel they are missing an opportunity to show South Korea’s national flag to a world stage. It is still being worked out how the delegation from North Korea will travel to South Korea. North Korea wants their delegation to travel by land. With the news of the two countries having such fruitful talks about the Olympics, a question comes to mind. Are agreements on Olympics matters a sign that peace can finally be reached on the Korean peninsula?

Newsy: North, South Korea to march together at Olympics

The Issue

Are agreements on Olympics matters a sign that peace can be achieved on the Korean peninsula? Are North and South Korea finally making real progress towards peace? Or is South Korea setting itself up for disaster by trusting North Korea?

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