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Are President Trump and Republicans complicit in the Kentucky school shooting?

Screenshot from NBC News' YouTube video: 15-Year-Old Student Responsible For Kentucky School Shooting | NBC News

At the beginning of the government shutdown, the Trump reelection campaign released a YouTube ad called “Complicit.” The ad accuses Democrats who stand in his way, according to CBS News, of being “complicit in every murder committed by illegal aliens.” This ad drew much attention and quite a lot of anger from the political left. One of the arguments they made about the ad was that, by its logic, the president and the Republican party were complicit in any deaths going forward caused by gun violence because of their fierce battles to prevent new gun control legislation.

On Tuesday, we saw a mass shooting at a high school in Benton, Kentucky. A student killed two people and wounded several more at Marshall County High School. The police have the alleged gunman in custody and are searching for a motive. Given the news of this shooting and the arguments made about the president’s reelection ad, a question comes to mind. By the same logic as used in his ad, are President Trump and the Republican party complicit in the shooting at Marshall County High School?

NBC News covers officials giving details on Kentucky school shooting:

The Issue

Are President Trump and the Republicans complicit in the Marshall County High School shooting? Have the president and Republicans allowed this to happen by not allowing new gun control laws? Or, is the person who pulled the trigger the one responsible?

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Written by Darren Silverman