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‘A star is born’ is snubbed at golden globes. Do you agree with the awards?

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No, ‘A star is born’ should have won the best picture award

A considerable number of debate participants believe that ‘A star is born’ should have been declared as the best picture. They support their position by arguing that they are very confident that A Star Is Born is going to win all the Oscars and Critics Choice awards anyway. A debate participant added that “I am shocked that A Star Is Born didn’t win Best Motion Picture. Don’t get me wrong, Bohemian Rhapsody is good, but A Star Is Born deserved it! Oscars, here we come!!”. Another debate participant added that “The problem with these awards shows is they pick movies that the majority of the audience don’t want. A Star is Born should have won. Let’s face it. Even the critics agree. Ratings don’t go up year after year when the wrong movies win!”

What do you believe, whether Golden Globes decision to award Bohemian Rhapsody was the best picture is justified?

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